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We offer X-Guide Navigated Surgery for all our Full Mouth Dental Implant Solutions.
We also offer Single Implants and Bridge Implants to restore your smile!

Advanced Dental Implant Clinic In Glasgow

Exceptional treatment from zirconium full mouth implants,
whitening and veneers using the latest dentistry technology.

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Welcome To Our Advanced Dental Implant Clinic In Glasgow

In our award-winning dental clinic in Glasgow we offer a broad spectrum of Cosmetic Dental Treatments designed to bring back a confident smile such as our offers on Teeth Whitening. However, we don’t just achieve this through utilising the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques combined with outstanding facilities and expertise. We specialise in Full Mouth Dental Implants even in difficult cases with patients who have suffered from bone loss. Our clinic is one of the few in europe that offer X-Guide navigated surgery for absolute precision. We also deliver treatment which inspires confidence in you. You’ll understand your options. You’ll feel comfortable in our care. You’ll leave with the smile you’re after.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Solutions

Our treatments are tailored to you.
We listen to your concerns regarding your teeth and together discuss what is possible even in complex cases

All On 4-6 - Peek Composite

All On 4-6 - Peek Composite is a Dental Implant Solution that uses 4 implants. The teeth are made from modified Peek Composite that gives a natural and long lasting smile.

100% metal free implant bridge

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All On 6-8 - Zirconium

All On 6-8 - Zirconium is a Dental Implant Solution that uses x6-x8 implants. This solution offers the benefit of a Zirconia crown which is an incredibly strong material and giving even more natural looking than porcelain.

100% metal free implant bridge

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All On 6-8 Boneloss

All On 6-8 Boneloss is a Dental Implant Solution that uses x6-x8 implants for patients that suffer from Boneloss in the upper or lower jaw. The Dental Bridge is made from Zirconium.

100% metal free implant bridge

Bone Graft procedure to be carried out months before the Implant Surgery

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3 Steps To The Perfect Smile

Digital Smile Design

Every 3 Step Smiles treatment begins with a Digital Smile Design process in which our expert team will work with our patient to design the Ideal Smile for them, based on their facial features, personality and desires. And the treatment won’t start until they totally love it.

Treatment Execution

Once approved, our team of dentists will work on the planned treatment using the most advanced technology and techniques to make sure that the best functional and aesthetic results are achieved using the least invasive procedure possible.

The Final Smile

Thanks to our modern digital designing, planning and production process we can recreate the perfect smile with total accuracy and make it a reality.

Advanced Surgical Options

All minimally invasive surgery techniques which provide absolute precision and durability

Navigated Surgery

Navigated surgery for oral implantology is the equivalent of using a GPS when we are driving. This new technology called X-GUIDE allows us to connect the planning made in the computer with the mouth of the patient in real time. It help us to have greater precision in our surgery.

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Guided Surgery

It consists in the manufacture of a guide to place the dental implant through it, having planned it previously. It’s much more precise and minimally invasive. It usually does not require stitches.

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Meet Our Expert Implantologists

Dr. Eduardo Crooke

UK General Dental Council Registration Number: 262859

Dr. Felix Price

UK General Dental Council Registration Number: 202830

Our Cosmetic Treatments

Digital Smile Design

The use of photos and video allows a complete analysis of the facial and dental aspects of the patient. Then we study the relationship between the face, lips, teeth and gingiva. You can preview the final result before the treatment.

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A veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth, veneers improve the aesthetics of a smile and/or protect the tooth’s surface from damage. There are two main types of material used to fabricate a veneer: composite and porcelain.

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Advanced Whitening

Our advanced teeth whitening treatments can be carried out in the clinic or in the comfort of your own home. We always recommend completing whitening in the clinic with home bleaching, in order to obtain more stable results in the long term.

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Why choose 3 Step Smiles?

  • We treat patients in Glasgow from across Scotland and beyond in our central Glasgow cutting-edge clinic.
  • 20+ years’ experience in pioneering cosmetic dentistry with a dental team renowned for their expertise and commitment to cosmetic dentistry.
  • A commitment to painless dental treatment delivered with minimum chair time.
  • Minimally invasive techniques to ensure speedy recovery.
  • Smile design software making it easy for you to be completely involved in the design of your smile and understand your treatment.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • In-house Research and Innovation team to ensure we are always leading the way in cosmetic dentistry with a focus on natural looking techniques.

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Fear of the Dentist – Sedation and Anesthetics Service

Fear of the Dentist – Sedation and Anesthetics Service

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Digital Dental Workflow Protocol

Digital Dental Workflow Protocol

The first and most important advantage of this way of working for patient is TEETH IN A DAY, as first consultation to restorative insertion, can occur in one appointment. Digital means high accuracy and patient satisfaction. Our clinics are fully developed to provide the best and most efficient outcomes.

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