Our 100% digitalized 3 Step Smiles system and strict hygienic protocols give us security and confidence to face this new stage

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Do you want to know about a fast and painless dental implant treatment option with maximum security and best quality?

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We do advanced NAVIGATED surgery in all of our dental implant treatments


Modified prosthetic materials to last longer and look more natural


To offer you safer, more comfortable and minimally invasive treatments with fast recover time

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Dedicated team with a passion to solve your problem no matter how complex it may be with more than 20 years of service.

Everyone deserves the best of smiles

3 Step Smiles system simplifies the process and makes the visit to the dentist more pleasant. We established our specific procedure for implantology, aesthetics and orthodontics. With our digitalized workflow we are able to visualize the final result and choose the best smile option for our patients before starting the treatment. The number of appointments is substantially reduced, especially in patients with dental implants and dental aesthetics. Everything is easier, faster, minimaly invasive and less painful.

Fixed solution in 24 hours for 95% of the cases!

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STEP 1: Smile Design & Treatment Planning

Every 3 Step Smiles Treatment begins with a Smile Design process in which our Expert Team will work with our Patient to Design the Ideal Smile for them, based on their facial features, personality and desires. And the Treatment won’t start until they totally love it!

Once the Smile Design is approved, our Team will define the best Treatment Plan to achieve that Ideal Smile, using a combination of the most advanced Dentistry Techniques and Technology. 

STEP 2: Treatment Execution

Once approved, our team of dentists will work on the planned treatment to achieve the best functional and aesthetic results using the least invasive procedure possible.

All our treatments are digitally planned, to make them safer and more accurate. Once the treatment is executed you will be ready to receive your final smile, which will be a beautiful and natural reproduction of your smile design process.

STEP 3: The Final Smile

Thanks to our fully digital designing, planning and production process, we can recreate the ideal smile with perfect accuracy, and make it real.

The final smile will always look the same as the smile design project that you previously approved. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Maximum security

  • 100% digitalized work protocols
  • Virtual consultation
  • Additional hygienic protocols to ensure security
  • Communication platform
  • Secure schedule, fewer patients with longer, calmer appointments

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Eduardo Isidro Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar Bone Regeneration & Complex Implants
Dr. Luis Carlos Lopes Barbosa Restorative & Implants
Dr. Blanca Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar Periodontics & Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Felix Wucherpfenning Price Restorative & Implants

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