With more than 15 years of experience in oral rehabilitation, Dr. Eduardo Crooke is an expert in implantology and oral surgery. As a result of many years of hard work and investigation, his own “3 Step Smiles” method was created, resulting in our treatments of rehabilitation on implants more precise, faster and painless.

What are the main advantages of our dental implant treatment?


  • 100% Digital Workflow

Our patients are involved from the first moment of the process with Digital Smile Design, after which we digitally start to build a smile project together with the patient. This methodology gives us high predictability from beginning to end of the case.

Also given that every part of the oral rehabilitation process is digitally recorded, subsequent modifications or possible reproduction of any step is simplified if necessary.

Thanks to our advanced Navigated or Guided surgery system that ensures high precision and predictability of the case, allowing us to place the implants in the exact desired position.


  • Immediate loading 

In 90% of cases, the surgical phase ends with the immediate loading, which involves the placement of provisional fixed teeth screwed to the implants from day one. This gives a huge comfort, as the patient is at no time without teeth.

Moreover, it allows our professionals to work on and contour the gum in order to achieve greater aesthetics in the final result. Also, wearing temporary teeth can help to reveal technical or aesthetical failures that can be modified in this phase.


  • Less dental chair visits

3StepSmiles™ oral rehabilitation can be done way faster than conventional full mouth rehabilitations. Let’s compare the main steps of both kinds of treatment:

Steps of conventional rehabilitation:

  1. Implant placement
  2. Impression taking for provisional teeth
  3. Temporary prosthesis
  4. Placements of the impression transfers to the implants
  5. Impression taking with silicones for definitive teeth
  6. Bite test
  7. Teeth test
  8. Metal test
  9. Cake test
  10. Placement of prosthesis


3StepSmiles™ full mouth rehabilitation on implants

  1. Digital planning and smile design
  2. Surgical phase and immediate loading
  3. Digital printing
  4. Placement of the definitive prosthesis


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