A British Youtuber based in Spain Chooses Doctor Felix for his Treatment

Sometimes, we don´t think we need something until we finally get it, and then we realize it is more than necessary in our lives. This is what happened to Andrew Scattergood with his new smile.

The Youtuber, who runs the successful Youtube channel “Youtoo Spain”, attended a first consultation with our Doctor Felix Wucherpfennig, aiming to get a solution for his long-suffered dental problems.
What Andrew did not know was that Dr Felix and his team would not only fix his smile but also bring him his confidence back.
The 58-year-old talked to the journalist Gigi Revello de Toro about the whole experience in an interview with us.

Patient with doctor Felix wucherpfennig

What was your main worry about your teeth before getting in touch with Dr Felix Wucherpfennig? Did you feel confident when smiling?

I think I had two worries to start with, actually. The one I thought was the most important was the pain in my jaw and in my neck, and going down to my back. And it was because my bite wasn’t in the right place, so that´s the original idea of going to see a dentist. So the smile was really a secondary issue, and I find now really quite interesting that I didn’t think it was a big thing before.
I wasn’t gonna do it for aesthetic reasons even though my face and my image is really important because I interact with people: I am a singer, an entertainer, an actor. And I think I didn’t realize before the process started, what a difference it would make to my work, and more importantly, to my self confidence. So, along the way, that became a big issue too.

How did you get to know Dr Felix? What made you choose him?

I started to make a Google search and read loads of reviews of different places. I am the kind of person that researches for days and days and when it comes to finding a hotel, for example. So I’m used to reading between the lines and judging what´s a real complaint or a real positive review. I was looking for a dentist I could trust because I´ve not had good experiences.

Yes, this is something that many patients did tell us, that they come from bad experiences in other dental practices. In your opinion, what factor made you feel you could trust in Him?

There were a lot of details, there was an honesty about the whole process. It just sounded like the right guy. The communication was really good, and I like good communication. I mean, it is part of my job. So that is what made me organize the first consultation to see if I was right. And I proved that I was.

What can you tell us about your treatment?

At the first consultation, he made me feel very welcome, he explained everything well and gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing. We started to talk about my new smile. That’s when I realized I was hiding my smile, my teeth. If you look at my Youtube thumbnails before and after, you can’t really see my teeth on the early ones because when I posted, I’d hide the teeth.
I got to meet him in person, and I was thrilled by the high-tech equipment and his knowledge. Dr Felix explained very patiently that it is best to keep as many of your original teeth as possible and was honest about the whole process and how to get the best results. He is such a perfectionist, which I really like because I am as well. I really appreciate the details he went through. He knew what he was going to do. He had a plan A but also a plan B.

You knew from the beginning what was gonna happen before starting the treatment?

Yes, I knew that I needed some complicated things like a sinus lift and bone graft. I knew that the treatment was going to be longer than other people might had to experience, because it takes time for the bone and gum to heal.

How was your recovery? And the aftercare?

It´s been pretty good. The recovery took a few days, and Doctor Felix was awesome, looking after me the whole process.

In your opinion, would you recommend us to other people?

I will definitely recommend you!!
You´ve given me more confidence to talk to people. You wouldn’t think it, but I was a really shy child. I just could not talk to people, even though I´ve been trying to recover from that. This has made an awful lot of difference, I can speak to people with a lot of confidence, and I know they are probably sick of me talking about my teeth!

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If you want to know more about Andrew, you can check his Youtube Channel, where he shows his audience all about living in Spain!


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