The first and most important advantage of this way of working for patient is TEETH IN A DAY, as first consultation to restorative insertion, can occur in one appointment. Digital means high accuracy and patient satisfaction. Our clinics are fully developed to provide the best and most efficient outcomes.

Going digital means new ways of office communication, along with the digitizing of the paper charts, leading to a paperless office. It also means performing panoramic imaging and cone-beam scans, and taking digital impressions. Using digital technology to design and fabricate restorations as well. All these processes allow us to harness the power of computer technologies. This computing power allows for easier access to information and provides increased accuracy in information, diagnosis, and treatment.

Our digital intraoral photography using both intra- and extra-oral cameras instantly provides us enhanced visualization that allows us to maintain the appropriate documentation in addition to improving diagnosis as they can be magnified.

A diagnosis is made after a very thorough evaluation of the patient and after all diagnostic tests are complete.

Computer guided surgery enables us to plan the operation by means of a computer program, step by step allowing us to perform minimally invasive treatments with little post operation discomfort.

The final piece to our digital workflow is to check the occlusion through a digital occlusal analysis. You can actually determine not only the points of contact but also see how much force is being generated. This is a level of detail that cannot be obtained using any articulating paper.


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