Pioneer dental clinic in Andalucia to introduce maximum precision to dental implant surgery

What does it consist of?

Navigated surgery X-GUIDE for dental implant placement is the same as using a GPS whilst driving. This new technology allows us to connect the treatment plan previously done in the computer to the patient´s mouth in real time with great precision.

How does the process work?

The first step is to take a 3D scan with a small special tool placed in the patient´s mouth. This will allows us to combine the planning with the patient´s bone in real time. During surgery we can place the dental implant in the exact position, angle and depth previously planned with a 99% accuracy.

What are the benefits to the patient?

Precision is the main benefit of this new technique. We will avoid possible injury of dental nerve, maxillary sinus damage, bone perforation or injury of the teeth closed to the dental implants. Another benefit for the patient is that surgery is faster and more comfortable. It is so controlled that we do not need to open the gum, we can avoid grafts and use the maximum bone available. This results in a minimally invasive surgery procedure. Until now, the only available technique to be this precise was guided surgery. But this required planning and the fabrication of a guide that took days. With navigated surgery you can start surgery immediately without waiting.

Is this the same as the Da Vinci method in medicine?

Yes it is something similar because even if it is a machine that controls the surgeon, it requires skilled hands and it helps to increase the precision. We can say that if the surgeon is good, with this machine he or she will be much better. You have to take into account that the path to follow is drawn for you so as you do the surgery it indicates if there is a slight deviation or change of angle.

What else is new in 3 Step Smiles?

We are always introducing new technology to better the quality of our dental treatments. Right now we have developed a digital workflow that allows us to plan our treatments with a computer. This method also shows us the end result before the treatment starts, increasing the satisfaction of our patients and guiding us through the treatment plan.

With X-Guide we can place the dental implants and the teeth on the same day.

You can certainly say all of our treatment steps go through a digital circuit. We want the very best for our patients, more precision, safer conditions, comfortable surgeries and better results resulting in long lasting dental treatments.

Do other clinics have this technology?

We are very proud to be the first group of Europe to go to Zurich to incorporate this system in our clinic. In Spain only 6 dental clinics have this technology in place.


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