As a dental clinic, we always tried to emphasize the importance of oral health. The link between periodontal health and the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes is already confirmed, and now a new study showed an association between periodontitis and the severity of Covid-19.

 What is periodontitis?


Periodontitis is a periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, which can cause bleeding gums, bad breath due to the accumulation of bacteria between the teeth and gums. If left untreated for long it can even lead to tooth loss, as it destroys the bone tissue that protects and supports the teeth.



What is the connection between Periodontitis and Covid-19?

The oral cavity is one of the first barriers between the exterior and interior of the body. In addition, it is composed of mucous membranes with epithelial cells with AC receptors ( a protein that can be found in our blood) more related to the appearance of Covid-19.
Therefore there is a high potential that this route of viral infection is decisive for the appearance of Covid-19.


How does gum disease can worsen the outcome of Covid-19?

Patients with gum disease do not have a higher risk of infection, however, they may have more severe consequences once infected:



What is the solution? How can gum disease be cured?


Oral hygiene, prevention, or early detection of periodontal disease are becoming even more important than before. Having a proper daily oral routine can help you preventing gum disease. Yearly checkups and comprehensive periodontal evaluation from a dental professional are also essential.


Patients with periodontal pathology should consult with their dentist to obtain the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, and thus reduce the risk of complications if they become infected by Covid-19.

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