We asked our dental implant specialist the most frequently asked questions about our New All on 4 treatment.

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Who is this new type of treatment recommended for?

Our New All on 4 is designed to help our patients to be and feel better. Many of them wear complete dentures that prevent good chewing and give an uncomfortable feeling when talking and smiling. There are also others who, although they may have some teeth, suffer periodontal disease with severe tooth loss.

In these cases, whenever possible and there are no active infections, teeth can be removed, implants put in and after 24 hours have fixed teeth screwed in so that the patient can begin to lead a normal life again.


What are the main advantages of the new procedure?


The main advantage of our New All on 4 treatment is that it is a 100% digital procedure, from start to finish. Thanks to digitization, the process has been greatly simplified.


How is the process of this dental implant treatment?

As a first step we make a record-taking appointment, with photography, intraoral scanning, etc. to make a design of the patient’s smile with their participation. They tell us their preferences about the size and color of the teeth, if they want them more round or square. Basically, they can design their own smiles. Based on that design, the placement of the implants is planned so that, through a guided or navigated surgery that allows us to be less invasive, we can place them exactly where we want. All focused on our final goal.

In this way, 24 hours after the surgery, we can put the fixed provisional teeth screwed to the implants. This will help us to see the aesthetics and check if the patient is comfortable eating, smiling, etc. After three months, either we copy them or make the modifications that are necessary to achieve the perfect fit with the final material. 


What material are the teeth made of?

The New All on 4 is made by PEEK composite, instead of the resin metal, a thermoplastic polymer that does not carry metal, is digitally milled and has very good adjustments. In this way, metals are avoided in the mouth and its possible corrosion over time, which can have negative effects on health.


And for those patients who are very afraid of surgery, are there alternatives?

Yes, in those cases we have three options: On the one hand, oral sedation, with a relaxant; on the other, use nitrous oxide, known as “laughing gas” which makes them more relaxed during the procedure. Also, for more complex cases because the surgery is longer or the patient has medical conditions that require it, we have an anesthesiologist to carry out intravenous sedation that makes the patient awake but very relaxed, which allows us to have controlled their vital signs, put intravenous medication for a faster effect, and work more comfortable.


And what feedback do you have from your patients?

Our patients are delighted. From wearing a removable prosthesis and not being able to eat well due to pain or mobility, they go on to wear a fixed prosthesis, which gives them security and confidence. Not surprisingly, patients that we treated a few years ago with the classic procedure and that we have now treated with the New All on 4, tell us that it is fascinating how the treatment has improved. Everything is less invasive, more predictable, we finish much faster. And we are happy that they notice the difference a lot.


What sets 3 Step Smiles apart from other dental clinics?

Mainly digitization and the protocols that we follow in the consultation. This makes the treatment more comfortable since going to the dentist is not the most pleasant for many people.

At 3 Step Smile dental clinic, we have always opted for innovation and in this case, we have developed a work protocol that, in implant restorations, almost no one dares to do totally digital. This helps to achieve results in fewer appointments, the process more predictable and there are fewer problems in the medium and long term, which leads to greater satisfaction for the patient.

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