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Dental Implants For Patients With Bone loss

Bone loss patients are considered complex cases to treat in the implantology world. They lack bone to sustain a dental implant and their restorations require special dental implants and bone augmentation procedures.

Dr. Eduardo Crooke is an international reference in the field of advanced surgery using guided and GPS controlled procedures that result in painless and minimally invasive treatments. This technology together with his training on special dental implants, allows him to maximize the existing bone and avoid the need for bone grafts.

After a CBCT scan and an implant study, we will be able to determine the need for bone grafts and the type of dental implant needed.

Different solutions adapted to each case

Custom Titanium Mesh

Custom titanium mesh is an alternative to zygomatic implants when the zygomatic bone cannot be reached for different reasons (sinusitis or another ailment).

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are much longer than conventional ones. They are anchored in the zygomatic bone instead of in the upper jaw.

Grafts and Bone Regeneration

Grafts and bone regeneration increase bone volume in patients with bone loss to place an implant in that area in the future.

Fixed solution in 24 hours for 95% of the cases!

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Dr. Eduardo Isidro Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar Bone Regeneration & Complex Implants
Dr. Luis Carlos Lopes Barbosa Restorative & Implants
Dr. Blanca Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar Periodontics & Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Felix Wucherpfenning Price Restorative & Implants

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I can’t praise 3 Step Smiles highly enough they are just wonderful.

I have seen many, many dentists because of my condition, but I now feel like I have found a practice who understand me, my teeth and are able to treat me. Thanks so much.

– Karen Wilson, May 2023

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