What to expect in your first dental consultation at 3StepSmiles

Explore your treatment and get a full evaluation knowing your financial options

At our clinic, we understand the fear of pain associated with dental procedures. That’s why we utilize the latest in pain management and sedation techniques to ensure your comfort.

Our skilled dental team is adept at performing procedures with minimal discomfort, making your journey to a perfect smile as pain-free as possible.

Are you interested in our Dental Implant treatments? Read more here.

First consultation Phases: All in the same day.

Talk with us

Call us to book your first appointment with us.

During this call, you can share your preferences and fears. Feel free to ask any doubts!

We guide you

Our patient coordinator will welcome you to our clinic.

He/She will guide you and assist you before you meet the professional for your case.

Digital Scan + X-rays

CT scans are essential in some cases, so we usually do it to obtain fuller information about your teeth and bone structure.

Your diagnosis

The expert will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and assess your overall oral health, including your medical history.

If your case is complex, we have the technology to find a solution.
Do not be afraid to ask us any questions!


Our dentist will go through the recommended treatment plan, explaining the expected length, pre and post-treatment indications.

You can choose between our Sedation options for anxious patients.

Payment Plan

The patient coordinator designated for you will provide transparent cost information upfront.

Find the best flexible payment plans and financing options to suit your budget.

What is so special about our Diagnosis Protocol?

Visualize yor smile before starting your treatment with our Digital Smile Design System.

Our concern for your comfort makes us the better option thanks to our All-in-One Place treatments.

Special technology with Low to minimal radiation to check your bone level and density

The best assesment for our patients

Trust is very important to us.
We want you to feel comfortable coming to your appointments and leaving with an incredible result that makes you feel satisfied.

Do not hesitate to make us all the questions you need to clarify any of your doubts.

And remember, in 3 Steps Smiles your first implant consultation with our surgeon has no commitment!

Now easy payment plan up to 60 months.

12 months with 0% interest
Sedation is available for anxious patients!

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