Digital Smile Design

The technique that allows you to visualize your final smile before starting the treatment

Digital Smile Design

The technique that allows you to visualize your final smile before starting the treatment

The benefits of Digital Smile Design (DSD):

Every 3 Step Smiles Treatment begins with a Digital Smile Design process. We will design your Ideal smile taking into consideration your face, personality and desires. You will take part in the Smile Design process too and the treatment won’t start until you totally love your new Smile!

The Smile Design and Smile Test allow you to see and feel how your new Smile will be. Then, our EXPERIENCE and DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY allow us to recreate this Smile Design in your mouth with perfect ACCURACY. This is the only way to ensure your Satisfaction!


How does Digital Smile Design (DSD) work?

At the heart of the DSD process is your unique diagnostic data analysed to develop the phases of treatment you will require to achieve the smile you are looking for. This data is gathered through a combination of photographs and videos which capture in perfect detail the inter-relationship between the different elements of your face, jaw, teeth and gums.

This allows us to marry together your current oral health and look with your future wellbeing, health and smile. Our CAD-CAM process allows us to move seamlessly from the design on a screen to the 3D pieces needed to transform your smile. Following the digital impression of your mouth we will tailor the design to create the treatments. Accuracy is outstanding and the number of visits you need for treatment are reduced.

Our smile to yours

It’s not just the technology and processes which set us apart. Our exceptional team of dental professionals brings you expertise, experience and a friendly approach. We understand how daunting dental treatment can be. It is our aim to ensure you fully understand the process so that you can make the right decisions for you.

We work in partnership with you so that you can see, develop and shape the future looks of your smile.

Doing cosmetic dentistry with design

Not all cosmetic dentistry approaches are created equally. At the heart of our process is ensuring we understand you. We take the care to ensure your final smile is exactly what you’re after. Central to achieving this is our Digital Smile Design (DSD) process. Using the latest in dental innovation, combined with experience, skill and a client-focused approach, we truly design your smile.

Cutting edge technology allows you to preview the design of your teeth so that you can see exactly what can be achieved. Through this process you will also be able to clearly understand the treatment process, timeline and costs involved. This is a solution which you can tailor to your unique requirements. This is a smile design for you.

  • Smile-Face analysis in motion
  • Smile Design Communication
  • Team Communication
  • Expectations & Emotions
  • Motivation & Awareness

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