Full Mouth
Dental Implants

High quality fixed full mouth dental implant solutions to
restore your smile

More than just “All On 4” Treatments

Our experience demonstrates better long-term results for patients using six implants per jaw instead of only four.

A low radiation CT Scan and our digital planning help us diagnose the appropriate number of implants according to your bone density, anatomy and chewing force distribution.

Recommended treatment for patients who:

  • Have lost all or some of their teeth.
  • Have a low bone density in the jaw.
  • Would like to recover their bite stability and the comfort of fixed teeth.

Choose your New Generation Material

Natural and aesthetic smile supported by safe, light and biocompatible materials.

Custom-made designs of all our prostheses remove the metal from the crown, leaving aside the corrosion that can arise in other clinics’ prostheses.


A highly biocompatible thermoplastic polymer.

Since it is exceptionally lightweight, only four implants can support the prosthesis if the bone density allows it.

Although not as strong and durable as Zirconium, it is designed to last several years.

TeethWow Treatment

Zirconium is the best material to obtain a tooth-like appearance.

Three times stronger than porcelain and superior durability, tolerating mastication and bruxism forces without chipping.

Due to its higher density than Peek Composite, it usually requires six or more implants to support the new restoration.

3 Steps Of Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction

Digital Diagnosis & Planning

We will use our in-clinic low radiation CT Scan to check your anatomy and bone density.

  • Using our software, we will design your new digital smile based on your facial features, personality and desires. You will see your new smile even before you start the treatment.
  • Our dentist will use digital planning to set the exact place of each implant needed.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ensure your well-being with guided or navigated surgery to avoid unnecessary cuts, minimising pain and discomfort.

  • Faster healing and recovery due to Plasma Rich in Grow Factors (PRGF).
  • Fixed teeth placed in 24 hours for the next three months.

Your New Permanent teeth

We will replace your initial provisional fixed teeth approximately three months after your surgery with permanent ones.

  • You can choose whether to have permanent teeth made with Peek Composite or Zirconia.
  • All materials are biocompatible, safe, and avoid metal corrosion.

Dental Anxiety?

All procedures can be done under conscious sedation with the anesthesiologist onsite.
Patients can be awake, and very relaxed as time passes quickly.

Your New Smile

Be part of the design of your new smile.

Decide what you feel most comfortable with even before starting the treatment.

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