Fully-guided implant insertion.


Guided implant surgery involves the insertion of dental implants using 3D surgical guides. The guide allows high precision implant insertion to the ideal position in the bones. With the help of special software, we virtually plan the treatment and determines the size, position, angle, and depth of the implant. Based on this design, a surgical guide is created to ensure an accurate realization of the plan

Computer guided surgery enables us to:


  • Deliver high precision and safety
  • Place the implants flapless
  • Perform surgery with less downtime (no swelling, bleeding or pain)
  • Plan or even produce the prosthetics before the implants are placed
  • No additional cost – the service is FREE!

At 3StepSmiles, we apply a digital workflow with 3D technology for the planning, insertion and prosthetic delivery of dental implants. 


We can also place dental implants using real time 3D navigation software
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