New Flapless Dental Implant Technique

We offer a flapless dental implant procedure that's all about accuracy, comfort, and saving time,
making sure you get the best experience from start to finish.

Computer guided surgery enables us to:


  • Get back to your normal life faster with our less invasive procedure that cuts down on recovery time.
  • Spend less time in the dental chair thanks to our quick and efficient planning and procedure, making your visit smooth and swift.
  • Feel more comfortable after surgery with our flapless method, crafted to make sure you’re as cozy as possible.
  • See better healing of your gums due to the exact way we place the implant, helping you recover faster and with less hassle.
  • Count on the best look and feel, thanks to our top-notch technology that makes sure your new teeth look real and last long.
We offer a complimentary first visit to understand your needs
and develop a personalized treatment plan.
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Introral Extraoral Scan

How It Works:

We start with a detailed intraoral and extraoral 3D scan of your mouth, getting all the precise details of your jaw. This lets our team see your oral structure clearly, so we can find the best spot for the implants without guessing.

After the mix of both scans, our pros use the latest software to plan out your surgery with care. We figure out exactly where each implant should go, how it should be angled, and how deep it needs to be, all based on what’s best for your mouth.

Then, we make a custom surgical guide that helps us during the operation. This guide is super accurate, making sure every implant is placed just right, without needing to cut into your gums.

Our skilled surgeons use these guides to place the implants perfectly. Skipping the traditional cutting means less bother for the tissue around the implant, less discomfort after, and a quicker bounce back.

We’re all about making sure you’re comfortable and safe through the whole thing. We keep you in the loop and make sure you feel good about every step. From the first chat to the final implant, we aim to give you an experience that goes beyond your expectations and brings you fantastic results.


What’s different about computer-guided flapless surgery?

Our flapless surgery is different because we use 3D scans and special guides to put in implants without big cuts. This makes the whole thing more accurate, less painful, and quicker to get over.

How long until I’m back to normal?

How fast you recover can vary, but most of our patients find they’re doing their usual stuff much quicker than with traditional implants. A lot of folks are back to normal in no time.

Introral Extraoral Scan


We can also place dental implants using real time 3D navigation software
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