Grafts, Regeneration & Sinus Lift

Grafts, Regeneration & Sinus Lift Treatments

Advanced technique for patients with bone loss who need a dental implant but whose bone volume is not enough.

Sinus lift

The floor of the maxillary sinuses, above your upper back teeth, is put back up where it originally was by adding a bone substitute. This procedure is called a sinus floor bone augmentation or a “sinus lift”.

If the existing patient’s bone is thick enough, the implant can be placed during the same surgery. Otherwise, it is necessary to wait approx. six months until the bone graft “matures” before placing the implants.

Sinus lift treatment to regenerate missing jaw bone

Bone graft

The surgeon will use a bone grafting biomaterial and graft it onto your jaw bone. You will probably have to wait several months until the graft creates enough new and strong bone.

Once the bone is mature, the implant can be placed and will remain stable and secure in a strong jaw bone.

If only a minor bone graft is needed, your dentist could choose to place the implant during the same graft surgery.

We usually apply Plasma Rich in Growth Factors to get a faster healing. We can also combine the bone graft with the tissue graft to get better results.

Bone graft to regenerate missing jaw bone

Guided Bone Regeneration

The most complex treatment in bone regeneration and usually avoided due to new dental implant techniques.

After placing xenografts or autografts, we use collagen membranes that act as a barrier to allow bone regeneration.

The healing time of this treatment will be at least six months.

guided bone and tissue regeneration for patients with bone loss

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