Single & Bridge Dental Implants

Long-term and natural looking solution for replacing missing teeth

Single Implant Treatments

Ceramic dental implants provide a safe option for those with metal allergies or sensitivities.

Biocompatible implants do not trigger any immunological response, allergic reactions, or other complications.

Zirconia implants avoid the formation of small pockets where bacteria can colonize since their design is single-pieced instead of the traditional two-piece.

Also, being a natural version of traditional dental implants, they perfectly suit those who follow a holistic approach to their health and well-being.

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Bridge Implant Treatments

Bridge implant treatments are ideal for patients looking to replace several missing teeth.

When replacing missing teeth in a row, our bridge implant treatments provide a stable alternative to dentures.

We tend to provide bridge implant treatments for patients with missing, loose, or decaying teeth.

The duration of bridge implant treatments varies depending on the individual case.


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Depending on the missing teeth, we will suggest Single or Bridge Implants.

We ensure to improve both function and appearance of your teeth.

Our Materials for Teeth


More resistant and safer


Esthetically more beautiful


Clinically tested


Favor the formation of soft tissue


More stability

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