Courses & Training

If you want to become a 3 Step Smiles Dentist and bring all our benefits to your Patients in your own Clinic you need to follow our Training Courses, begining with the 3 Step Smiles general course and then going deeper into your specialization by enrolling for one of our speciality courses: Implants, Aligners or Aesthetics.

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3 Step Smiles Accreditation

In order to offer the official 3 Step Smiles treatments and methodology to your own Patients, and enjoy all the advantages of being part of the 3 Step Smiles network you need to obtain your official certification.

You need to be accredited as a 3 Step Smiles general dentist to get your clinic listed as a 3 Step Smiles Clinic, and then you need to certify each one of the 3 specialities in order to access the full range of services and advantages!

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