Learn how to implement a 100% digital workflow at your clinic

Hands on training for 3 days in Marbella, Spain with real patients

Digital dentistry offers significant benefits to both dentists and patients and is now routinely used for diagnostics, implants, endodontics, orthodontics and general day-to-day treatments.

It increases practice’s workflow and communication, both internally and with laboratories. This method of working shortens the appointment times, speeds up surgery and the degree of accuracy represents fewer errors in the lab and better diagnosis.

  • Photograph. Using the power of photography to evolve the technique and get more patients. Prosthetic planning guided by facial aesthetics.

  • Planning the end before you start. The prediction of the precise final result, even before starting, helps to create a relationship of confidence with the patient and their expectations within the limitations of the case. Quality offered and quality perceived. Success is only achieved when we are able to perfectly align what the patient wants and what he receives.
  • Preoperative planning – The use of 3D imaging systems and their interpretation. How to do it effectively and quickly.
  •  Learn how to use CT scans, intraoral and extraoral.


An intense hands on approach with real patients.

How dental imaging software can help you do better diagnosis, how smile design software can bring better patient´s satisfaction and acceptance of dental treatments, how you can convert this scans into a 3D model to place dental implants or use it, together with CAD/CAM processing to make crowns with new materials like Zirconium.



  • Fixed prosthesis, prosthesis, planning, types and selection of abutments. Clinical cases, working protocols.Provisionalization.
  • Techniques for the direct and indirect realization, from unitary provisionals to rehabilitations. The manipulation of tissues with the use of provisional
  • Records, impressions and sequence of work in Fixed prosthesis, and implant-supported prostheses.
  • CAD-CAM technology, from prints to structures. Using technology to our advantage. Reducing work times and increasing quality.
  • Practice in models, management of prosthetic devices, construction of temporary by the assistants, transfer of emergency profile.
  • Techniques of Pillar Selection and Angle Correction.
  • Printing Techniques and Tests for Rehabilitation.
  • Tissue management with provisional implants
  • Clinical and Laboratory Practice of the use of new CAD / CAM Technologies, 3D Printing, Intraoral Scanner
  • Realization of the prosthetic part of the operated patients
  • Finite element analysis


Focused on the notions of prosthesis and maintenance.

How to get a quality result and also the patient satisfaction.

  • The surgical environment. Sterility, care and management for the preparation of a good operative field.

  • Stress Free Surgery – Gain time and agility in surgery through a well coordinated team work. (Recommendation to the dentist to bring this day your assistant if you wish)

  • Pharmacology applied to implantology

  • Complications and their management 

  • Osseointegration. Time and load planning. From 2-step surgery to minimally invasive surgery with immediate implants and immediate loading implants   

  • Management of soft and hard tissues. How to care for the post extraction alveolus for the future implant.                                         

Module 3 SURGERY

Placement of Implants in Models
Post operative of the operated patients and photographic documentation of the evolution of the cases
Management of different planning programs
Practice of placement of implants in stereographic models and / or patients
Suture Practice for Implant Surgery
Types of dental implant surgery : Computer guided surgery or navigated


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