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Digital Implant Workflow Program

16th August | 6.30pm-8pm
89 Dunlop St, Glasgow, G1 4ET

Dr. Eduardo Crooke

Dr. Crooke has devoted his career to the specialisation of dental implants and aesthetic restorations. He is an international reference in the field of advanced surgery performing guided surgery for more than 10 years and is now pioneer in navigated surgery in Europe.
He has been awarded three gold medals and his advanced training has helped him to find fixed solutions for boneless restorations with complex bone regeneration.

He has several state of the art dental clinics across Scotland and works with a multidisciplinary group of dentists, each highly trained in their respective fields.

Dr. Felix Price

Dr Felix Price  began his career at the Universidad San Pablo Ceu in Madrid, graduating in 2010. He completed a postgraduate course in Implantology at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in the United Kingdom, as well as several oral aesthetic courses.

At the end of his studies in Madrid, he moved to Scotland, where he has been at the helm of four dental clinics, developing the functions of manager and principal dentist since 2011, and working for the NHS. After his experience in the north of the United Kingdom, he has specialized in implantology and dental prosthesis.


Digital dentistry offers significant benefits to both dentists and patients and is now routinely used for diagnostics, implants, endodontics, orthodontics and general day-to-day treatments.

It increases practice’s workflow and communication, both internally and with laboratories. This method of working shortens the appointment times, speeds up surgery and the degree of accuracy represents fewer errors in the lab and better diagnosis.




Our Digital Workflow Mentoring

On this day, we will give you a small introduction on using digital workflow in your clinic. How dental imaging software can help you do better diagnosis, how smile design software can bring better patient´s satisfaction and acceptance of dental treatments, how you can convert this scans into a 3D model to place dental implants or use it, together with CAD/CAM processing to make crowns with new materials like Zirconium. 

Although we are new in Glasgow, we have been in the digital dentistry for over 20 years, with clinics in Aberdeen, Edinburg, Dundee and now Glasgow. We are the first dental clinic in Scotland able to provide navigated surgery for dental implant placement. You are welcome to visit us to follow a live surgery, to learn how our procedures work and how we ensure patient satisfaction.

We want to ensure patient satisfaction accross all dental clinics in Scotland with the help of your collaboration and we want to make sure you are rewarded for your trust. By referring to us you will be part of our 3SS club. You can increase your clinic´s revenue by learning  the digital workflow applications on prosthesis over implants, so you can place the crowns of every patient you refer to us. This is free to all members of the 3SS club. You will be able to offer solutions to more of your patients, including very complex boneless patients knowing our state of the art technology will bring them minimally invasive, fast and very precise dental treatments.

We share case data digitally and online and share efficiently and securely with our referring dentists, building longer and stronger relationships. You can manage your referral in one easy account. Referring tracking is an important task and we ensure the referring dentists keep tabs on the status of the referral. Effective communication and teamwork are essential to deliver patient care and to foster respectful interprofessional relationships. We have also created engaging and informative guides of all of our treatment options and after care instructions. We will provide paper and electronic copies of this information together with educational videos at your clinic.


CBCT scan and expert opinion free of charge from referrals 


We encourage to see your patients surgery with our new navigated system 


We will give you access to our system or we can send you  the treatment plan and pictures of your case.


Become an expert in placing crowns over implants by doing one to one mentoring 3SS acreditation, so you can do step 3 of ecery referral you make to us.

Don´t miss out and find out more in our open day!


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