Grow With Us

Collaborating with us will increase your clinic´s revenue whether you decide to refer the patient fully or by taking part in becoming accredited.  You are welcome to visit any of our clinics, learn how our procedures work and how we ensure patient satisfaction.

Why choose our Patient Referral System?

Grow with us- mentoring and courses available for every referral you make to us!

You can just refer to us your dental implant case or you can learn everything to do with our digital workflow with direct mentoring and courses adapted to you. The more referrals, the more expertise and post graduated courses you will gain. We like to reward you our collaboration together.

You will be able to follow  live surgeries learn about  Smile Design software, dental imaging scans,  digital workflow protocols, CAD-CAM technology, fixed prosthesis, provisionalization, techniques and much more.

We want to make sure that our dentist referrals stay happy and satisfied with our collaboration!

Treated like our own Patient

Experience the whole team

3 Step Smiles is formed by a Multidisciplinary Team of Dentist that share all their EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE while Analyzing and Planning every Treatment. We love to discuss different approaches to every Patient. We use all our Technology to get the best Diagnosis and Plan the most efficient Treatment in every single case.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Full Report and Digital Records