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Full Mouth Dental Implant Solutions

Our objective is always excellence in the final result. So much is our passion for excellence; we have developed a methodology of work with 15 years of research and investigation to make our full mouth restoration treatments aesthetically better, in less chair time with the highest quality materials. Not only we aim to offer our patients the benefits of our research, we make sure the treatment is as minimally invasive as possible using navigated surgery technology for dental implant placement.

For us our solutions are a process to your smile, we have developed 3 that can solve even the most complex of the cases using our digital workflow methodology

All On 4-6 - Peek Composite

All On 4-6 - Peek Composite is a Dental Implant Solution that uses 4 implants. The teeth are made from modified Peek Composite that gives a natural and long lasting smile.

100% metal free implant bridge

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All On 6-8 - Zirconium

All On 6-8 - Zirconium is a Dental Implant Solution that uses x6-x8 implants. This solution offers the benefit of a Zirconia crown which is an incredibly strong material and giving even more natural looking than porcelain.

100% metal free implant bridge

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All On 6-8 Boneloss

All On 6-8 Boneloss is a Dental Implant Solution that uses x6-x8 implants for patients that suffer from Boneloss in the upper or lower jaw. The Dental Bridge is made from Zirconium.

100% metal free implant bridge

Bone Graft procedure to be carried out months before the Implant Surgery

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Full Mouth Dental Implants from only £9,000

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3 Steps Of Full Mouth Implants


Every 3 Step Smiles treatment begins with a Digital Smile Design process in which our expert team will work with our patient to design the Ideal Smile for them, based on their facial features, personality and desires. And the treatment won’t start until they totally love it


Analysis of the type of surgery to perform, navigated surgery, guided or conventional. Choice of the type of implant,Peek Composite or Zirconium.  Once approved, our team of dentists will work on the planned treatment using the most advanced technology and techniques to make sure that the best functional and aesthetic results are achieved using the least invasive procedure possible.

Final Teeth

Thanks to our modern digital designing, planning and production process we can recreate the perfect smile with total accuracy and make it a reality.

Single & Bridge Implants

Our single implant treatments are ideal if you’re looking to replace one missing tooth; they offer a secure replacement and allow you to eat, smile and talk with confidence. With the single implant treatments, the titanium screw is placed into the jawbone and acts as the root replacement.Any of our single implant treatments are carried out by professional dentists and can be completed under local anaesthetic.

Advanced Surgical Options

All minimally invasive surgery techniques which provide absolute precision and durability

Navigated Surgery

Navigated surgery for oral implantology is the equivalent of using a GPS when we are driving. This new technology called X-GUIDE allows us to connect the planning made in the computer with the mouth of the patient in real time. It help us to have greater precision in our surgery.

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Guided Surgery

It consists in the manufacture of a guide to place the dental implant through it, having planned it previously. It’s much more precise and minimally invasive. It usually does not require stitches.

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