Metal free 100% dental implants and crowns

The holistic option to replace missing teeth

100% metal free, fully biocompatible with non-toxic restorative materials

The holistic option at 3SS

One of the characteristics of holistic dentistry is to seek maximum biocompatibility in dental treatments. For this we use metal-free prosthesis, made of monolithic zirconia, minimally invasive surgery with guided or guided surgery techniques accompanied by relaxation techniques.

This solution suit all the patients who follow a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing or are allergic to metal. The dental implant, the abutment and the crown are made with materials 100% biocompatible with our bodies and free of any metal.

At 3Stepsmiles we care about providing our patients with minimally invasive dental treatments from diagnosis to completion.

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Our scans have the lowest radiation emision on the market, one only machine can tell us everything we need to know to diagnose the case, plan the surgery and digitally produce the teeth. This avoids the constant need to make more than one scan and greatly reduce the exposure to all of our patients.


We use GPS navigated surgery and computer guided surgery, this process of implantation is so precise, we avoid surgical cuts in the gum making the recovery very fast as it is a minimally invasive technique only available at our clinics. 



We have taken a step further in developing our zirconium with finite element analysis to be more resistant and natural looking, completing your smile with a product 100% metal free.

But is Zirconia a metal?

Titanium and Zirconium implants are both metal. To create a metal-free implant we use only the ceramic element of Zirconium, known as zirconia oxide. This is metal-free.

Zirconia oxide creates natural dental implants that your body absorbs and merges with your jaw bone in the same way as traditional dental implants in titanium. It’s an incredible process of the human body at work!


What about the environmental impact of Zirconia?

Zirconium is not a particularly rare element is more than twice as abundant as copper and zinc and more than 10 times more abundant than lead.

Zirconium is a by-product from the extraction of other metals therefore recycling and reducing mining waste.

100% metal free full mouth implants

When seeking a full mouth restoration without metal, a CBCT 3D imaging scan will be done first to determine the number of implants that can be place for optimal distribution of chewing forces. They are placed using navigated surgery to carry out a minimally invasive procedure on the body with fast recovery using PRGI plasma, made of your own blood cells.

Our zirconium crown has been modified by our research and technical team to increase its resistance and its aesthetic result. It has been custom made from only whole piece of monolithic zirconium and guarantee a metal free solution.

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