Dr Zarmina Babar’s

Clear aligner therapy – Prosthodontics – Cosmetic & Gum Aesthetics – Minimally Invasive Makeover

With an impressive track record of providing exceptional dental care, Dr. Babar brings her expertise and innovative approach to our esteemed practice.

In 2022, she attained a Diploma in Prosthodontics at the Advanced Centre of Excellence in London, and also became a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College Edinburgh.

Her recent focus on mastering CBCT in Endodontics, along with a wealth of knowledge in implant restoration and socket preservation, positions her as a key asset to our team. Dr. Babar is dedicated to offering multidisciplinary treatments, skillfully integrating endodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic procedures to achieve outstanding results.

She has completed many Smile-makeovers utilising the concept of simple Alignment, Bleaching and Composite bonding. Specialised in many cases of minimum preparation ceramic veneers and a Successful completion of full mouth rehabilitation for those with severe tooth wear, requiring composite build-up or crowns.

She has enriched her skills through various courses and CPDs in recent years, including advanced treatment planning and cosmetic procedures such as smile design and tooth whitening. Her competence with state-of-the-art dental tools, such as iTero scanners, and her plans to introduce virtual consultations reflect her forward-thinking approach to patient care.

Her proficiency in using IT systems in healthcare, coupled with her commitment to continual learning, as evidenced by her ongoing educational endeavors, makes her an exemplary model for modern dentistry.

We are confident that Dr. Babar’s passion, expertise, and patient-centered approach will make her an integral part of 3 Step Smiles Dental Practice. We look forward to the new horizons in dental care and patient satisfaction that we will reach with Dr. Babar on our team.

Dr Zarmina


3 Step Smiles Dental Practice
Bringing expertise in prosthodontics, endodontics, implant restoration, and cosmetic dentistry.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
Specialized in smile makeovers, minimal preparation ceramic veneers, and full mouth rehabilitation.
Recent Years

Innovative Dental Care
Focus on CBCT in Endodontics, implant restoration, and socket preservation.
Recent Focus

Continued Professional Development
Ongoing education in advanced treatment planning, cosmetic procedures like smile design and tooth whitening.
Recent Years

Academy Achievements

Advanced Centre of Excellence in London
Attained a Diploma in Prosthodontics

Royal College Edinburgh
Became a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery

Ongoing Educational Endeavors
Engaged in various courses and CPDs, including use of state-of-the-art dental tools like iTero scanners.
Recent Years


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