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The Florida Probe System


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Florida Probe
Florida Probe is a computerised periodontal probing system that measures pocket depth, recession, bleeding or suppuration, furcation, mobility and plaque.

It has been the leader in computerized probing and charting for over 20 years.
Florida Probe records the data of these measurements on a periodontogram, while emitting a voice that dictates this data and informs the doctor.

What does Periodontal Probe show us?

The periodontal pocket is indicative of the presence of periodontal disease, which appears as a reflection of the interaction between pathogenic bacteria and the subject’s immune system.

If the presence of a periodontal pocket is detected during the use of periodontal probes, this is indicative of periodontal disease.
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Periodontal Pocket
A periodontal pocket is present when bacteria invading the tooth surface in the region of the gingivodental sulcus cause the connective tissue and the adjacent periodontal tissues to detach.

During periodontal probing, we can discover that the pocket may have been caused both by the destruction caused by the bacteria themselves and by the reaction generated by the patient’s immune system, causing inflammation.

The Florida Probe will show; Pocket depth, Hyperplasia, Bleeding, Suppuration, Plaque location, degree and location of Mobility, Degree and location of /furcation, Missing teeth, Impacted teeth, Implants, and Crowns.

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