Informed Consent for Bone Graft

  1. The bone graft is a surgery to increase the amount of maxillary bone for future implant placement. After completing the relevant studies, the doctor explained to me in detail the technique used in my case.
  2. For this surgery, it is necessary to administer a local anaesthetic infiltrated directly over the area of the surgery. This anaesthetic could cause different allergies, interact with some medications and substances, and cause serious surgical complications. To avoid this, I will answer the doctor’s questions sincerely.
  3. Several diseases can complicate the surgery. The doctor will make the clinical history to detect these diseases.
  4. Sometimes the placement of the implants is simultaneous to the bone graft. Depending on the type of graft, the implant can be placed four to six months after the graft surgery.
  5. The patient’s and synthetic bones are used with guarantees of compliance with existing sanitary regulations. Several intraoral areas are used to obtain the patient’s bone without leaving a visible scar. The donor site (from which the bone is taken) becomes swollen the following days. Also, bruising may occur and tends to disturb more than the grafted area.
  6. Re-absorbable collagen membranes can be used depending on each case.
  7. After the intervention, I am aware that I will have some degree of discomfort, inflammation, nasal heaviness, and sinus pain, limiting my regular activity for 5 to 10 days. The complete disappearance of the symptoms will take about three weeks or more.
  8. Following complications may occur:
    • Infection of the wound or sinus.
    • Nasal bleeding.
    • Postoperative haemorrhages.
    • Loss of graft material.
    • Exposure of the membrane placed with the consequent risk of graft loss.
    • Sensory disturbances in the gums, upper teeth, palate and areas adjacent to the intervention.
    • Appearance, communication between sinus and mouth.
  9. I will receive postoperative instructions that clearly explain the care I should have at the end of surgery and in the coming days.
  10. After reading and understanding this and resolving my doubts with my doctor, I accept and sign this document.


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