Consent for Periodontal Surgery

  1. After a detailed study of my mouth, the Doctor informed me that the best treatment for my mouth’s health is Periodontal Surgery.
  2. I understand that, after the surgery, I must follow these guidelines to have good results: good oral hygiene, minimizing the consumption of tobacco and alcohol and taking the prescribed medication.
  3. Inadequate oral hygiene, tobacco, and alcohol can affect the success of the surgery. For this reason, I understand that monitoring visits and periodic reviews are necessary.
  4. I have been informed of subsequent post-surgical tenderness, swelling of the surgical site, nerve injury and infection.
  5. I accept the risks inherent in the potential injection of local anaesthetic: possible hypersensitivities, prolonged anaesthesia, local damage puncture, hematoma, etc.
  6. During the surgery, unforeseen conditions may arise that require different procedures. Therefore, I authorize the Doctor to perform such procedures in her professional judgment, according to the treatment discussed in previous visits and always in my best interest.
  7. If graft material, such as bone grafts or membranes, is needed during the procedure, the cost will be added to your quotation as part of the intervention.

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