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Painless Anesthesia

We implement the latest technological advances for the well-being of our patients. With painless anesthesia, you avoid the discomfort of conventional Anesthesia, and you will start your appointment absolutely relaxed and confident.

Painless Anesthesia: How does it work?

This technology consists of an electronic pen that precisely controls the flow rate at which dental anesthesia is applied, administering it in a slow and measured manner.

The very slow application avoids the pain usually caused by the speed of the injection and subsequent tissue swelling. With our Painless Anesthesia, as an area becomes numb, the flow rate increases slightly, so you don’t feel a thing.

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Why do we use it?

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More comfort, less fear.

Our Painless Anesthesia is carried out without any discomfort or pain, even for palatal injections. Your comfort as a patient is the most important thing to us and, therefore, we want to avoid prolonged numbness of the cheek, tongue and lip, which used to remain for hours after treatment.

We also seek to minimise your stress by keeping you informed of the slow speed and small amount of anesthetic you are receiving at all times.

Don’t be afraid,
recover your smile.

Contact us and get your Digital Smile Design without commitment. Come to our clinics and try the new Painless Anesthesia.

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