STEP 1: Smile Design & Treatment Planning

Every 3 Step Smiles Treatment begins with a Smile Design process in which our Expert Team will work with our Patient to Design the Ideal Smile for them, based on their facial features, personality and desires. And the Treatment won’t start until they totally love it!

Once the Smile Design is approved, our Team will define the best Treatment Plan to achieve that Ideal Smile, using a combination of the most advanced Implantology, Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry Techniques and Technology. You will have the opportunity to see, and even feel, your new Smile even before starting the Treatment!

STEP 2: Treatment Execution

Once approved, our Team of Dentists will work on the planned Treatment using the most advanced Technology and Techniques to make sure that the best Functional and Aesthetic Results are achieved using the least invasive procedure possible.

All our Treatments are Digitally Planned, to make them Safer and more Accurate. They are executed with the help of Technology and all the applianced and devices it provides us with, allowing us to reproduce the Ideal Smile with amazing accuracy. Once the Treatment is executed you will be ready to receive your Final Smile, which will be a beautiful and natural reproduction of your Smile Design process.

STEP 3: The Final Smile

Thanks to our Fully Digital designing, planning and production process, we can recreate the Ideal Smile with perfect accuracy, and make it Real.

The final Smile will always look the same as the Smile Design project that you previously approved. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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