Don´t be without your teeth.

Inmediate loading 24 hours after surgery

Immediate loading; implants and teeth on the same day

3 Step Smiles is characterized by always being at the head of its game in dentistry. We give the patients different treatment possibilities to repair their mouths. Nowadays, with implants being the chosen treatment to replace teeth, we go a step further and put the teeth in place the same day as the implants. This technique, is called IMMEDIATE LOADING 

It entails placing implants and provisional teeth fixed to the implants on the same day or within 48 hours. This is an added comfort for the patient because it avoids them having removable dentures during the bone integration period.


This technique, however, cannot be carried out in all cases, but it is possible to be implemented in many cases. For example, the most extended and documented indication at a scientific level are cases in which all the bottom set of teeth has to be replaced. This bone tends to be harder, and if we put in place at least 4 implants, it’s a very safe treatment. On the upper maxilla, although the bone is softer, if we have enough implants and they are the right size, the permanent teeth can also be screwed onto the implants the day.

The aesthetic area for single teeth also favors this technique, and in some cases, obviously following a careful study of the area, we can also do it in further back areas if we join several implants and leave them with less closure or less bite.


Diferences between teeth in a day and teeth in an hour

“Teeth in an hour” (WITHOUT SURGERY) is an immediate loading technique in which the denture is prepared before the implants are put in place thanks to a virtual 3D study and the placement of the implants thanks to a surgical splint guided by computer. As we already know, thanks to this splint, the position and inclination of the implants, we can prepare the denture beforehand. The end result is the same, but the consultation time for the patient on the day of surgery is not as long.

When the bone integration period of 2 to 5 months is up, this teeth will be replaced with  your final teeth,

made with a more durable material and the necessary touches to give you the smile you want.

Our solution Genetiz includes teeth in day

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