no more impossible cases

Did you think dental implants were out of reach due to bone loss?
It’s time for a second opinion.


Implant Solutions for everyone

With over 15 years of experience, we’re turning impossibilities into stunning smiles every day. Discover if you’re a suitable for this life-changing treatment today.

Do you want to know if you are suitable for this surgery?

Exclusive Techniques
for Bone Loss

3 Step Smiles Methodology:

Forget about the inconvenience of dentures;
throughout your dental journey,
you will benefit from fixed teeth from day one.

Planificación digital y personalizada

100% digital and personalized planning

To ensure your convenience and peacefulness, we’ve implemented an advanced digital system for diagnosis, planning, and surgery.

Cirugía no invasiva

Minimally Invasive Surgery, Painless Recovery

Your well-being is our priority, so we offer various sedation options. Our pledge is minimally invasive, precise, and fast recovery treatments.

Expert Team Periodontics

Fixed teeth in 24H

Over the years, our team has diligently worked to reduce the number of visits and time needed for each appointment. Rest assured; you won’t leave without your teeth.

Discover the Secrets of PRGF Plasma: Unlock its Fascinating Potential for Enhancing Recovery

Experience an efficient 60 minutes per arch dental surgery, enhanced with PRGF technology for faster recovery and reduced post-operative discomfort, ensuring your comfort and well-being from the start. Get fixed and secure teeth from day one with our innovative approach, complemented by PRGF treatment that promotes bone regeneration and healing, giving you a long-lasting smile.

Dedicated professionals
ensuring the health of your smile.

dr eduardo crooke


Dr Blanca Crooke


dr felix w price


Melissa patient Testimonial dental implant treatment true story

Our patients’ testimonials speak for ourselves.

Full mouth implants is not just about restoring teeth , it’s about restoring happiness.

Would you like to boost your confidence and happiness like Melissa is just 2 hours?
Check her testimonial !

Porque tu sonrisa sí<br />
puede ser para siempre.

Because your smile has the potential
to last a lifetime.

During your initial visit, ask for our financing options.

You can finance your treatment for 12 month free interest and up to 60 month.
Furthermore, your first visit incurs zero cost, ensuring no commitment until you’re ready to commence treatment.

You’ve already initiated the process.
The next step is embarking on your journey towards your new life.

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