A dental implant consists of 3 parts

The post, the abutment and the crown

The post is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line. The crown is the replacement teeth and the abutment joins both things together. 

The process of a dental implant placement...


If you decide to have dental implants the first step would be to take some impressions of your mouth. This will allows us to diagnose your case and plan the treatment plan most according to your case.


Consultation with the specialist

After we have studied your case you will have a chance to talk to the specialist, he will explain your options and explain the treatment plan.


Type of dental implant post

Our BioGenetiz solution uses zirconium post, zirconium abutment and zirconium crown. Genetiz has the post and the abutment in titanium but the crown in zirconium. Our patient coordinator will explain the differences between each other.


Digital Smile Design

Thanks to our technology we can show you the end result before we start treatment, you can be part of the the design of your smile!


If you decide to go ahead, our patient coordinator will show you our different payment plans to suit your needs and answer any other questions you might have.

Navigated Surgery

We use GPS technology to place your dental implants, its minimally invasive (no need to do surgical cuts in your gum) and very precise.


Some patients have lost their teeth sometime ago and have been using dentures for a long time, this causes the bone to receed. Depending on the quantity and the quality of this bone will determine the type of treatment that can be done. sometimes we will need to perform a bone graft or use a different type of implant.

Teeth in a day

24h after surgery we can place your provisonal teeth whilst we wait until the dental implants integrate with your bone. 


Final teeth

3 months after surgery we can place your final teeth. We will do the final tests to make sure everything is ok and ask you to come for a check up at least once a year. When your treatment is finished we will give you your provisional teeth, guarantees, your before and after pictures and your implant information.


In some cases we can place the final teeth after surgery

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